A highlight of songs with music & lyrics by Denver Casado

Giants in the Sky

Above the clouds, Elder Giants explain to Younger Giants how to maintain the sky while they go down to earth for a short trip.

Farley, who came from above the clouds, has never heard of the internet. So a bunch of “trolls” explain what it’s all about.

An Elder Giant teaches two Younger Giants about the value of friendship.

Sally Sells Seashells (And You Can, Too!)

A 12-year old con-artist pitches her get-rich-quick seashell selling scheme.

Enticed by the idea of being financially independent, a group of kids imagine the joys of becoming adults.

Sally, who has conned a group of kids out of their money, comes clean for the first time in her life.

Leap Day

In the house of Father Time, Cuckoo Clock and Tuesday have a shared connection.

The Grunch

A group of kindergarteners are sick and tired of being type-cast for the annual school musical.

‘Twas the Week After Christmas

Rudolph sings about the challenge of always being in the spotlight.

Finally, a song for the lesser-known reindeer (composer demo)

Press Start

Little Mushroom, a video game character, laments about what it’s like growing up as a sidekick.

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