A highlight of songs with music & lyrics by Denver Casado

Imagine a Dragon

Frankie Builds Androids

Giants in the Sky

Above the clouds, Elder Giants explain to Younger Giants how to maintain the sky while they go down to earth for a short trip.

Farley, who came from above the clouds, has never heard of the internet. So a bunch of “trolls” explain what it’s all about.

An Elder Giant teaches two Younger Giants about the value of friendship.

Sally Sells Seashells (And You Can, Too!)

Enticed by the idea of being financially independent, a group of kids imagine the joys of becoming adults.

Sally, who has conned a group of kids out of their money, comes clean for the first time in her life.

Leap Day

In the house of Father Time, Cuckoo Clock and Tuesday have a shared connection.

The Grunch

A group of kindergarteners are sick and tired of being type-cast for the annual school musical.

‘Twas the Week After Christmas

Rudolph sings about the challenge of always being in the spotlight.

Finally, a song for the lesser-known reindeer (composer demo)

Press Start

Little Mushroom, a video game character, laments about what it’s like growing up as a sidekick.

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