“Journey of the Noble Gnarble” Reel

Journey of the Noble Gnarble - New Musical Play for Children

The Dream  (0:60)
A Gnarble (an imaginary fish who lives on the ocean floor) dreams of one day seeing the sky.

01 Denver-Casado-The-Dream Sample

The Warckels (0:25)
The gnarble meets some smarty, fish-connoisseurs.

02 Denver-Casado-The-Warckels Sample

Subbalubble Dinner Time (0:40)
The Gnarble encounters two hungry, R&B lovin’ Subbalubbles.

03 Denver-Casado-The-Subbalubbles Sample

The Glinny Glim (0:30)
The tiniest fish of the sea give the Gnarble some much-needed inspiration.

04 Denver-Casado-Fins-Up

The entire musical (20 minutes) can be heard here.

Contact:  denver@denvercasado.com or (646) 418-3326.

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